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Packet Calender Printing Madipakkam

Pocket Calendar Printing in Chennai

UHD Prints provide pocket calendar design and printing services in chennai and all over india. Calendars that are small enough to fit in any pocket.

Why should calendars be printed?

With good reason, pocket calendars are one of the most useful marketing tools. They are used in all kinds of industries. There is a lot of potential for building brand recognition because these items are useful and used frequently. Naturally, there are formats of calendars that are more useful than others, so the key is to design and print a pocket calendar that people want to use!

The advantages of using Pocket Calendars

Size for Small Spaces: The compact size makes it easy to give out from your office, shop, or event throughout the year.

Quality that Lasts: With your choice of laminated paper, both sides are matte laminated with brilliant printing.

Printing and designing pocket calendars quickly, effectively, and expertly

A high level of service is provided by UHD Printing Press, which also provides a comprehensive design service and prompt turnaround on all pocket calendar printing orders.

Some common types of calendars include

We provide a wide range of calendar printing services, including the following,

  • A3 Wirobound hanging or stapled
  • Desktop Table Calendars
  • Monthly Calendar
  • Daily Calendar

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