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Rollup Standee Printing

Professional Design & Printing Services

Here, you can get high-quality rollup standee printing in chennai at a great price, includes a roll-up banner stand and printed graphic, as well as a lightweight carry case. Advertising Roll-up Banner Standees for Events and Exhibitions Utilize portable roll-up stands to present product graphics during trade shows.

Set it up in a minute

Easy to carry

Light weight

Rollup Standee Printing

Roll-up Banner Stands for

Advertising and Exhibitions

Exhibitions and conferences offer a fantastic venue for showcasing your goods and promoting your brand. However, such occurrences take place in numerous places around the globe. Carrying your marketing materials to far-off places is difficult logistically.

Portable standee printing for product branding and imagery display.

  • A lightweight item that's great for travelling
  • In a minute, set it up
  • Easy to transport
  • You can use it again at different shows and events

Advantages of roll-up standees

Printing Types: Solvent Print, Eco-Solvent Print, HP Latex Print & UV Print
Simple to Set Up

Simple to Set Up

Roll-up stands are portable and straightforward to use. They are therefore a great option for shows because they are simple to transport and set up.

Easy to Carry

Easy to Carry

The rollup standee's shape makes it simple to transport by just slipping it into the bag that is included.

Easy to Transport

Easy to Transport

The smaller (2 & 3 foot) variations can be readily transported in aeroplane cabins, while the bigger sizes can be checked as luggage.

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UHD Prints provide Quality Standees with HD prints

Starts from Rs.2000*

A good value package includes a lifesize display solution, a metal structure to put the high definition photo print on, & the photo print itself. This package will set you back a little more than Rs.2000*.

High Lifetime Value & High Reusability

A roll-up standee's print can be altered as needed. You can easily replace the outdated communication as your posters alter and evolve over time. This greatly increases the individual standee unit's capacity for reuse.


Best Quality Standee Banner Printing

— Rollup Standee Printing

Roll-up Stands Sizes

Additionally, we provide roll-up stands in various sizes:
5 feet tall by 2 feet wide (breadth)
6 feet tall by 2 feet wide (breadth)
6 feet tall by 3 feet wide (breadth)

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